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Application: Anodising
As a significant consumer of process tank heating energy, anodising has been shown to gain important benefits from the use of Lanemark process burner technology. TX burner tank heating systems offer heating efficiencies commonly in excess of 80% – typically providing energy savings of 25% or more compared to alternative indirect steam or hot water systems.

Operating on either natural or propane gas, Lanemark TX burners deliver from 45 kW to 730 kW heat input and, providing ‘point of use’ heating, are fitted directly to individual process tanks. Accurate temperature control of each process stage is maintained and TX burner systems offer a rapid response to changes in process demand – in marked contrast to alternative heating systems such as centrally generated steam, high pressure hot water and thermal oil systems.

Application: Brewing
The high operating efficiencies available from Lanemark brewery vessel heating systems offer distinct advantages to the growing number of local brewers who extensively use TX small diameter immersion tube burner systems in vessel capacities from 5 to 80 UK barrels (8 to 130 hectolitres). Lanemark burners operate through the wall of both brewing coppers and hot liquor tanks into submerged tubular heat exchangers from 1½” to 6” n.b., providing heat inputs from 15 kW to 700 kW. In many cases, these are arranged in a helical coil, which not only matches the standard shape of many tanks that are used in the industry, but also minimises intrusion into their capacity. Accuracy of control is a key consideration behind the specification of Lanemark systems with optional modulating temperature/gas input controls allowing the brewer to maintain optimum rolling boil brewing temperature. Importantly, the use of gas – both natural and propane – presents distinct economic benefits compared to other forms of energy such as electricity or steam fed boiler systems.

Application: Cleaning in Place - CIP
The benefits of ‘point of use’ heating can be fully realised in ‘cleaning in place’ applications – typically used in the food processing and manufacturing sector – with Lanemark burner systems. Heating cleaning solutions to an optimum temperature and then maintaining a high level of control are objectives that are fully met by the Lanemark TX range design, with a long list of proven installation examples worldwide.

All major parts, including burner housing, gas train and submerged tubular heat exchanger – which is designed to minimise intrusion into the tank – can be constructed from stainless steel if required. Compared with centralised boiler-based systems, heat losses are significantly minimised with efficiency levels in excess of 80% typically achieved. The result is the optimum and precise distribution of heated solution to locations where cleaning activities are required.

Application: Crop Drying
The wide versatility of process heating requirements demanded by the crop drying sector are efficiently met by Lanemark Midco burner systems. When installed directly in the main air-distribution system of a crop drying facility, their modular design offers major advantages to equipment manufacturers in this specialist sector.

Capable of offering turndown ratios of up to 30:1, accurate temperature control is maintained providing the optimum blend of heat and humidity – which can impact on both condition and colour of finished product – all fully achievable with Lanemark Midco burner systems.

Typically firing up-steam of the main air circulation fan, using either natural gas or propane and with characteristic short flame lengths, no additional air source is required. They are particularly suited to meeting the wide range of application needs of crop drying and similar production sectors.

Application: Industrial Bottle Washing
It is vital that heating systems associated with industrial bottle washing operations are both highly controllable and efficient to ensure that accurate and reliable cleaning results are achieved. These are requirements that are met by Lanemark TX burner systems which have been used extensively throughout the UK and Europe specifically for the heating of washing liquid supply tanks.
‘Point of use’ application offers distinct economic advantages over centrally generated heating alternatives – such as hot water or steam – whilst individual tank heating controls enable Lanemark burner systems to quickly and accurately respond to specific process demand requirements. TX small diameter immersion tube burner systems readily achieve operating efficiencies of over 80% and are individually designed to meet the needs of each specific application

Application: Industrial Parts Washing
  Lanemark TX and TRX tank heating systems are in use on machines supplied by many of the leading European manufacturers of industrial parts washers.

Heat inputs from between 45 kW and 730 kW are achievable from the Lanemark range of small diameter immersion tube burner options, each arrangement being individually designed to meet the stringent heating/temperature requirements specified by end user companies.

Application: Industrial Tray/Crate Washing
(Food & Drink Industry)
The optimum cleaning of trays and crates utilised in food and drink production and distribution processes relies on the performance of Lanemark TX and TRX tank heating systems – in use on machines supplied by all of the leading European manufacturers of industrial tray and crate washers.

Heat inputs from between 45 kW and 730 kW are achievable from the Lanemark range of small diameter immersion tube burner options, each arrangement being individually designed to meet the stringent heating/temperature requirements specified by end user companies.

Application: Ovens & Dryers - Industrial Ovens and Retrofit
A wide range of metal finishing processes, including the drying and curing of components, in all types of painting applications, depends significantly upon effective oven heating. The need to process the maximum number of components within a given time frame, thereby maximising operational efficiency, is also a key consideration which needs to met by a process heating system.

The adaptability of Lanemark FD burners and their high levels of control capability, offer marked advantages across the full range of process air heating activities associated with product finishing. Operating using either natural gas or propane, they bring distinct benefits compared with alternative heat sources. Turndown ratios of up to 30:1 are achievable, enabling extremely accurate temperature control, ensuring that Lanemark burner systems respond quickly and efficiently to changes in process demand.

With drying and curing operations often central to manufacturing processes that require high quality product finishing, Lanemark burners have much to offer as has been demonstrated in a long list of installation examples, both in the UK and around the world.

Application: Product Finishing - Pretreament
Lanemark TX tank heating burner systems provide the key to high quality product finishing, TX burners are available with heat inputs from 45 kW to 730 kW operating in small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers from 1½” to 6” n.b. For lower heat input requirements, packaged TRX burners – where the burner, gas train and control system are located in a common unit to simplify site installations – are available with a maximum heat input of 45 kW.

Individual tank heating control offers particular advantages given the diversity of pretreatment processes used throughout industry. This point of use application is suited to both newbuild and retrofit operations – the latter being a highly advantageous alternative to centralised steam, high pressure water generation or thermal oil systems. This means that all pretreatment processes such as caustic degreasing, hot water rinsing and zinc, iron or manganese phosphate applications, can gain from the Lanemark TX and TRX high efficiency gas burner system technology.

Application: Rotational Moulding
Because rotational oulding depends upon the efficient heating of plastic polymer granules, accurate heating control is fundamental. The quality and consistency of wall thickness that needs to be achieved for each moulding is closely linked to the optimum transition of material – from powder, through liquid and then to gel. In turn, this calls for a heating system which is highly controllable and which provides excellent turndown characteristics.

The Lanemark FD burner range is well-established in this context delivering accurate heat input control at all stages of the moulding process from initial warm up to the maintenance of the required final process temperature. As new, higher specification materials are introduced this capability becomes even more important.

Offering marked benefits compared to alternative heat sources, such as electrical or radiant-based systems Lanemark’s equipment design and support service is proven in a long list of installations, meeting the precise heating needs of this specialist manufacturing sector.