Process Burner
Tank Heating TX TRX MTX
Oven Heating FD-C (GA) FD-C FD-E
Air Heating MIDCO Duct Burners  
Tank Heating
A wide range of process liquids can be heated accurately and consistently with the Lanemark TX Series small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems. Highly cost-effective in operation, efficiencies in excess of 80% are readily achieved in both newbuild and retrofit installations.
TX Series Burners
Heat inputs up to 730 kW are available with TX burners firing through the wall of the tank into a submerged tubular heat exchanger. Tube diameters, lengths and number of passes can all be specified to match the performance and dimensional requirements of each installation with either rectangular or cylindrical tanks accommodated. An exhaust fan, connected at the end of the tube arrangement, pulls the products of combustion through the system to ensure even and consistent distribution of heat.
Operating on either natural or propane gas and with low pressure where needed, multiple burner systems can be connected to a common flue without sacrificing individual burner control. Our dedicated design software, TxCalc, enables all system components to be identified to achieve optimum performance results.
Lanemark tank heating TX burners are widely proven in a range of applications worldwide, from product finishing (metal or plastic parts, steel strip, wire products etc.) and cleaning (industrial tray washing) to food and drink production (hot water tanks, mini breweries, CIP, scalders).
TRX Series Burners
Purpose-designed to provide a self-contained alternative to the heating of industrial process tanks where heat inputs up to 45 kW are required. The Lanemark TRX series is built to the same exacting standards as the larger capacity TX tank heating burner systems.
Firing into either a 1½” (40 mm) or 2” (50 mm) tube system, the TRX design is ideal for smaller tanks in either newbuild or retrofit applications. A series of TRX installations can also be connected to a common flue and can accommodate low gas supply pressures when required.
Because each unit incorporates a burner, gas train and control system in a single packaged design, plant installation requirements are significantly reduced and have been widely proven in a range of product finishing, cleaning and food and drink production applications.
MTX Series Burners
Ideal for a range of commercial and small industrial washing applications, two Lanemark MTX burner options are available for either 1½” (40 mm) or 2” (50 mm) tube size installations. Providing heat inputs of up to 30 kW, operating efficiencies in excess of 80% (gross calorific value) can be achieved using either natural or propane gas.
Each MTX system is assembled within a protective enclosure, incorporating burner ignition electrode and flame detection systems, and has been proven in installations from tray and dishwashers to steamers and general engineering small parts washing applications.

Oven Heating
The Lanemark Forced Draught (FD) burner design is extensively proven in applications such as product finishing (pretreatment dryers, paint drying and curing ovens), textile and fabric dryers, rotary moulding machines, food processing and powder or grain dryers. Based on a common principle, a choice of designs is available reflecting applications needs including high energy efficiency and direct fired applications.
FD-C (GA) Series Burners
The requirement for maximum combustion efficiency with minimum emissions can be fulfilled with the Lanemark FD-C (GA) burner series, which is ideal for direct fired operations. Units feature Lanemark’s innovative ‘air pressure lead’ (APL) technology which utilises inverter combustion air fan speed control with variable flow mono-block gas valve technology to ensure that safe and efficient gas/air ratios are maintained even under variable plant operating conditions.
With a heat input range of 220 kW to 880 kW and operation on either natural or propane gas, the FD-C (GA) burner range exhibits all of the proven Lanemark FD burner characteristics in terms of build quality, performance and economic operation.
FD-C Series Burners
Offering flexible, high turndown (gas only) control for process air heating applications and convection ovens and dryers, the Lanemark FD-C series of packaged burners is available across a wide heat input range from 117 kW to 880 kW. Particularly suited to direct fi red applications, FD-C installations can either be orientated to fire in-line or at 90° to the process air flow with short flame profiles – so important for industrial oven design. Stable combustion results directly from the cone design and assembly with maximum turndown rates of up to 40:1 available. Comprising a burner wind box and protective cowl, combustion air fan, manual sliding damper, compact mono-block valve gas train and controls, FD-C installations are self-contained and occupy minimum installation space. With natural or propane gas options, Lanemark FD-C units are designed with the controls mounted inside a steel control box.
FD-E Series Burners
Ideal where installations do not require a protective cowl or control box, the Lanemark FD-E series offers a cost-effective alternative to the FD-C units and includes a choice of heat inputs from 117 kW to 880 kW. FD-E burners offer tangible benefi ts in terms of lower installation costs whilst retaining all of the performance characteristics associated with Lanemark’s FD-C series.

Air Heating
High levels of efficiency and a wide choice of configurations and layout options are central to the Lanemark Midco air heating range. Whether operating directly within a heated air flow or connected to the side of an air supply duct, different heat outputs can be specified to meet precise installation needs.
Lanemark Midco Burners
Lanemark Midco burners, the latest addition to our range of air heating products, are proven in a range of industries – most notably where make up or replacement air requirements need to be met, such as paint spraybooths air replenishment. High turndown and controllability are key features as are low emission levels, flame stability and a modular design. This latter characteristic allows any number of individual 152.5 mm or 305 mm (6" or 12") sections to be connected to meet precise application needs both in terms of dimensions and heat requirement. It is a versatility which is enhanced by the ability to use either natural or propane gas on a standard burner head. An excellent complement to our existing and proven TX and FD burners, users in a range of industries – including those in the HVAC sector – will recognise the benefits of the product and the comprehensive Lanemark support capability.
Duct Burners (DB Series)
Apart from their use as individual burner heads, Lanemark Midco burners can also be incorporated into packaged Duct Burner units (DB series). In these cases, they are fi tted to duct mounting plates and are supplied complete with gas control valve trains and burner controls. The mounting plate is designed for installation on the side of an air supply duct or air handler and can provide heat output from 75 kW upwards.